Review Randy Rhoads Reflections of a Guitar Icon

June 17, 2023 0 Comments

Making a very complete retrospective of Randy Rhoads’ life can’t be an easy task. Although her life was tragically interrupted by recklessness, in reality she was not full of excesses, as would be the matter with an ordinary rock star. He focused on being good, and he actually succeeded. How did he do that? Only he knew about it.

With only a few years of concert activity, Rhoads’ influence on the guitar scene is strangely remarkable. But there is a secret for him that we still cannot solve, which makes any documentary about Rhoads an informative document, which is still full of questions. Randy Rhoads: Reflections of a Guitar Icon makes a lot of effort to shed light on what is essentially a closed book, and even if it makes a difference, it remains short to make the documentary more about doubts than about an interesting young man whose love for music was expressed through loud unplayable riffs and a beautiful passion for an art in which he was very good.

We started with Rhoads as part of Quiet Riot, the part of his life that is rarely explored due to the band’s huge bad luck in signing a record deal. It’s hard to listen to a Quiet Riot song that Rhoads actually participates in. So the documentary is very focused on this. His beginnings as a guitar master He never got the stage he deserved.

The documentary also tells the story of Rhoads’ relationship with his bandmates. This is when things get interesting. The words of some of those who were with him at that time are revealing enough to make us wonder about the dynamics of such a turbulent time. It also provides strength for the secret of what would have happened if Rhoads had not died in a tragic plane crash. Besides being able to compose great riffs, I probably would have revisited Quiet Riot as the root of everything (somehow).

What Randy Rhoads: Reflections of a Guitar Icon never does is speculate, and that’s very lucky. Rhoads, one of the angels of heavy metal, always focused on being better and not being an asshole, in times when there were a lot of them in the Los Angeles music scene. She always smiled at the camera and pretended that it was the last time. The documentary never lets you question his decision to leave Quiet Riot to play with Ozzy Osbourne as part of his solo band. We trust that he did his best and decided something that would make him not only famous, but also a better player.

There are not many documents about Rhoads out there. He is always mentioned as a composer of powerful melodies that no one else could invent

. With this documentary you will get to know the blond and thin guy who fell in love with guitars at a young age and has never become anything else due to fame. When it came time to leave Quiet Riot, he thought only about how his students would get along without him. This is the mindset of a hero. A hero like no other.

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