Review of the Short Film Endless Sea

June 14, 2023 0 Comments

In Sam Shainberg’s live-action short film Endless Sea, we can state with absolute certainty that things will not end well in this terrible version of a Moderna Valentine’s Day. It doesn’t have to have anything to do with love, dinners, dates or gifts. It is exactly the opposite. Loneliness is just a way of expressing it. In these 20 minutes of harsh reality, we, as a civilized society, have failed and forgotten those who need us most.

Endless Sea is the (too short) story of Carol, a 70-year-old woman trying to survive the pace of a city like New York. She can do it. Every day seems to be a different mission to overcome. Deliver flowers and get $5 tips from shoppers in Manhattan. He recycles cans and desperately looks for other ways to earn money in a sea infested with young people who can certainly be better workers.

The problem is simple. Her heart medication has doubled in price and the Medicare line is always staffed. She is trying to find a solution with her doctor and she is not going anywhere. The Social Security Office isn’t helping either. What will Carol do to take the pills she urgently needs to take at the end of the day?

The direction the film is going in is divisive. It could be seen as a revolutionary solution to a world conflict, but nothing so desperate can be put under the thoughtful aspect of a voluntary act. Carol pretends there is no tomorrow, because there may not be one for her. That’s why using his character as a subject becomes a risky move for Shainberg, whose only intention is to give a voice to those who live this every day. Yes, even those who could not survive the system are excellently represented in this beautiful short film about survival in a Moderna society.

Carol is portrayed by Brenda Cullerton. The writer/comedian’s acting debut is fantastic. She is another reason why Shaimberg’s feature film works from an emotional level, without even hinting at an unnecessary tone of humor. The most impressive scene of the movie is when Carol decides to do something that she would not have done if she had not become desperate. I’m not talking about the decisive final scene. I am referring to Carol’s admirable outreach for her daughter.

We don’t know anything about Carol’s past. But her face and the rejection of her family speak of something shameful, which led to the fact that the family was separated without the possibility of remodeling. Love isn’t enough to heal the wound when Carol’s daughter decides not to talk and instead sends her partner to let Carol know she doesn’t want to help. Yes, you understand he’s asking for money and that’s all you see. The plea of a medicine addict.

However, if you look at Carol’s story, make no mistake. She is not an addict, because the story deviates objectively from her. She is desperately searching for a life-saving substance. But only today. What will happen tomorrow if she is forced to become a monster in today’s society, not caring enough about the elderly to save them from oblivion?

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