Review of the Film M3gan

June 12, 2023 0 Comments

Perhaps it’s too simple and obvious, but it seems inevitable to consider the recent direction of M3GAN in terms of our relationship with technology. The film could actually be good or bad, but Gerard Johnstone as the director and Akela Cooper as the writer have made sure that the topic is raised that everyone can talk about: these things will exist one day, and if we are able to make them, these intelligent fiction-based films could at least act as a kind of warning example for generations who do not seem to notice the peril nature of artificial intelligence.

The problem is what people really need to do after M3GAN. Tiktok challenges and memes are proof that we don’t pay full attention to the important things.

That’s all I’m going to say with my message about what I think M3GAN really is. Fortunately, Johnstone and Cooper made a very good film, which is totally entertaining from the very beginning and remains fresh in tone and humor. Is it scary? Not even a little bit and that’s fine. It shouldn’t be that. The annoying feeling you get when this big robot gets emotional is acceptable and okay. Just don’t overthink it. These movies exist for enjoyment purposes and in that sense it’s a pretty good approach to something we can relate to.

For those who do not know, M3GAN tells the story of a girl and her aunt who have to face the machine for lifelong learning called M3GAN. The robot is a creation of a large company that is trying to create the best toy for children. The problem is that M3GAN is able to over-learn and becomes defensive when people realize that she is becoming intelligent and attached to the child. Enter a third act full of roughness and unexpected dramatic twists and you get a Moderna’s version of a Chucky doll that is wreaking havoc on humanity. But didn’t we already have that with the Child’s Play remake?

Be that as it may. We will let things slide for another adaptation of the story “Doll gets angry”, which we love so much. M3GAN is good at holding us to a movie that we know how it will turn out. It is never safe when children are put in peril and the number of corpses is terribly high. Of course, there’s a funny element to how M3GAN seems to fool everyone in a society that’s naive enough to believe that robots can’t be peril. Of course, in the universe in which it takes place, there are no horror films.

Movies like M3GAN are the reason why horror is despised as a respectable genre. This is a “hard-to-miss” reality that we accept every day when we celebrate the existence of ridiculous films. What would we do without them? I’m probably going through overly dramatic repeat parties that aren’t really that interesting. We will trust Moderna’s storytellers, who will continue to show the world the value of disrespect and subversiveness.

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