Review of the Blacklight Movie

June 4, 2023 0 Comments

If you, as a screenwriter, make a conscious decision to merge genres, there must be a good idea behind such a bold step. And not just an idea, you need to make sure that you cover enough ground in all aspects of these genres to achieve the attraction that the audience needs to say, “Hey, the movie is interesting.” At least. If you get a few comments like this or if you get people excited about the concept, then you’ve done it. Congratulations! It’s time to enjoy what’s coming next.

The thing about black light is that it doesn’t get to the point of being an attractive execution of a concept. Your premise is very, very good. But writer-director Nick Snow has decided to take an inconsistent path that debunks his own idea. The constant introduction of new characters, the endless twists, the awkward humor. The Blacklight isn’t a bad movie, but it lacks control in its action/thriller/dark comedy approach. After a great intro, you almost wonder if it wasn’t easier to make a good old-fashioned horror movie.

The film tells the story of a man with a past who is trying to straighten himself out. But temptation is too powerful when you have the opportunity of a lifetime on a silver platter. Even a very stupid dress decision during a burglary leaves him out in the open.

In any matter, Danny decides to steal a very specific item from a mansion. This thing is just a piece of cloth. But he has an incredible power that will make any other gang in the city control him. Therefore, Danny’s last hit turns into a nightmare, as the power of the object is revealed and all bets are raised.

Part heist movie, part action thriller and part supernatural fantasy comedy, The Blacklight is over two hours long and is more than enough to get an idea of what Snow wants to achieve with his film. A genre mashup that gets tedious after some repetitive scenes and moral riddles of the main characters.

There is something good about this constant change of environment and dynamics. Snow is a good storyteller who relies on great visuals to make his movie interesting for action fans. Some changes would have been great, but Snow at least adds a lot of personality to the characters in a movie whose genre isn’t known for portraying convincing criminals. In this matter, everyone has something to blame for, and Snow uses this to create a moral balance in an environment that is 99% composed of “bad guys”.

Oh, and the ending? In my opinion, too fast. Justice for Danny! At least that’s what I can say after two hours of a hail of bullets that ends with a slight script decision that doesn’t fit the rest of the movie. I wonder if there is an alternative ending.

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