Review of Indie Roof Top Series

May 19, 2023 0 Comments

The Chicago skyline serves as a powerful backdrop for a very interesting project. In fact, few antecedents are as significant as the huge asphalt jungle in which company rules are written, followed and, of course, broken. Several independent musicians with a blunt honesty and a tight budget come in front of us to do what musicians do best: tell their story through the difficult art of music.

Indie Rooftop is a collection of episodes, each of which tells the story of a musician and depicts sincere performances. It is a series of interviews mixed with performances that literally take place on a strongly positioned roof. They differ in style and talent, but it’s a testament to how diverse independent music can be. Without studios or producers. No contracts or rules. Just a sincere expression of talent that might make people want to know more about these brave artists. Personally, I’ve gone beyond that and Googled some of them to understand more about their music and their goals.

What’s even better about the concept of docuseries is that from the very beginning you don’t get the feeling that someone is trying to sell an idea or even music. This is an open window to an unwritten future, which in some matters can be seen more clearly. In this scenario, talent is too relative.

Indie Rooftop is a bit difficult to describe beyond its simple structure and narrative and will certainly be more interesting for some viewers who understand the dynamics of the music industry. It is not a documentary series for everyone, because it consists of many mixed genres, and it is expected that not everyone will like everything.

In the first line, Fana Hues opens up and shares her story and background while performing beautiful pieces that break her heart, enlighten her and make her frankly celebrate what is happening in the backroom of music, where artists start and no one is known. What a star!

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