Review of Film All Quiet on the Western Front

May 6, 2023 0 Comments

It is very difficult to remember a war movie that is not technically against the war. The tendency in the depiction of the terrible and supposedly civilized practice is to make a review of something that Moderna’s society resorts to every two decades. Haven’t we learned something from decades of well-made cinema that reflects the terror of the conflict? It seems that cinema is not as present as we thought, and superheroes and villains are still more popular than faithful replicas of the conflicts from which we really survived as a society.

For the list, we should have a pebble in the shoe of the Oscar 2023. Directed by Edward Berger, Without Novelty on the Western Front is the third time that Erich Maria Remarque’s book has been adapted for the screen, and certainly the best. The classic from the 1930s stands out on its own, but Berger did an excellent job of depicting the broken ideals of the book and at the same time creating a technical film that sets aside the best of the genre for the history of cinema. No novelty on the Western Front is undoubtedly one of the best films of 2022 and one of the best war films of all time.

The story is the same, as you know. It is the story of 17-year-old Paul, who dreams of going to war after he and some friends heard a speech at his school. The next day they join the ranks of a German company stationed in France. Paul’s ideals begin to crumble when he realizes that the uniform he was given belongs to someone else. It is the beginning of Paul’s frenzied descent into the horrors of a war that Germany could not win. Within a few hours, an strike leaves Paul without his friends and scars for life on the godforsaken Western Front.

Everything quiet on the Western Front is not much more than that. It is a play about the impact of armed conflicts and the terrible consideration of nations for their youth. We are sent to war as meat, which serves as a shield. More and more will come behind us and the horror will never stop. In several scenes, Paul runs through trenches and shoots everyone who is on the other side, but it is not entirely clear who is really there. Shoot an enemy who doesn’t care. What is Pablo action for? Who are you defending?

You may be wondering why it does not stop and continues to grow as a tool for a nation. But the film constantly responds to this, while Paul looks at the deeper dynamics of a society that was struggling, because it should just do it. The last sequence is a great reflection of such a nerve-racking train of thought. Paul goes and goes even further, when Germany has already surrendered and is following the orders of a rebel commander who simply refused to surrender. I’m not going to spoil the film, but nothing about Paul’s unintentional and cold attitude can be good.

These are just a few actions with which I feel connected, but Everything quiet on the Western Front is a filmy experience that everyone should watch again and again, given the current social dynamics and humanity, which is constantly on the verge of the Moderna War.

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