Jack a Film Review

May 17, 2023 0 Comments

I love comedy. It’s a genre in which you can part with everything with a few lines and a good story. At least when it’s done well. Few comedians and few comedy writers manage to achieve the goal of making you laugh with tears with simple stories that are believable to some extent. However, the Moderna comedy has not gone so far beyond its rules and the politically correct contract that you must follow when joking. Dirty comedies don’t exist anymore and when a movie plays with the idea of being raunchy, I can’t help but be interested.

I had no problem with Jack’s premise. This is a comedy that in its first minute reveals exactly what it is about and tells its simple premise. The premise is too simple, but solid: a venereally frustrated young man whose can break through the fourth wall and … communicate. Yes, it’s a dirty comedy, but he stops when he has to. Anyway, I should have checked all the items on the list.

The problem is that all the jokes were made, and in every possible way. Your story is well written, but the scenario just repeats itself with jokes that are told over and over again until you feel that someone is running out of ideas.

The story is about Charlie, a young man whose age is difficult to determine. When your friends show up, it’s even more difficult to figure out whether you’re going to school or college. Charlie lives with his mother and his can talk. Jack is his name and we in the audience are the ones who can hear his key phrases. Sure, the just wants to get laid, but Charlie’s social performance is not the best. A contact with a therapist and his friends and another kind of helper, they do not do much for him. He falls in love with the new girl at school (or college).

This is indie cinema that does not look like indie cinema. The film is shot very well, but, unfortunately, the script falls apart with a comedic tone that is neither convincing nor funny. Luke Rollason as Charlie does a good job at the beginning because his expression is filmy. But there is a moment when her frowns, frustrated looks and voice do not add anything to her journey. There is a limit and it is constantly crossed to make dirty comedies that are not well done.

However, it has its moments. The grandmother figure is extremely funny, and the psychologist feels authentic. Stay until the end and some notes will reveal the fate of each character and they are also fun.

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