Dosed a Lifetime Film Review a Trip

June 2, 2023 0 Comments

The best thing about the dosed documentary feature film: The Journey of a Lifetime is that he never pretends to be a calling card for the subject he portrays. It is not an advertising piece that many people would be confused by and that they might refuse. This is a story of resilience expressed through a dramatic and arguable alternative medicine channel, but it is sober enough to make you open your mind. Moderna documentaries tend to indoctrinate a bit, but fortunately it just doesn’t happen this time. A life just changes and we see everything through the eyes of a brave woman whose actions are for love.

The subject, Laurie Brooks, is aware of the world she is cautiously entering. She is a cheerful mother and wife whose cancer diagnosis has changed her life. Life expectancy is relatively low. I wish there was a cure. His smile stands for optimism in the midst of chaos.

However, he is realistic enough to understand that miracles do not happen. At least for everyone. Religion is not a resource to which she is ready to turn, but the love she feels for everything around her is impressively strong. He knows that he needs to try something. But for what purpose exactly? Dosed is not a film about a miracle cure or about the brilliant minds who struggle every day to find a cure for cancer. This is the story of a woman who decided to face death with a tool that, unfortunately, the world has not generally considered.

So Laurie decides to improve her last days. She goes to mushroom therapy, which involves consuming the magic things that grow in the soil. The component is psilocybin, and Laurie receives an exemption from the government to use what is most often prohibited. The environment is controlled. Our curiosity is growing.

Needless to say, Laurie sees something during her trip. This is included in the film by directors Nicholas Meyers and Tyler Chandler, which makes Brooks tell her whole story, no matter how follish the outcome of her trip may seem. The animation sequences, which resemble the psychedelic scene of a 70s cinema, are just the beginning.

Again, this is not a cure in itself. Laurie’s intention is to try everything to alleviate the anxiety that cancer may have caused in the first place. In this universal message, dosed is disrespectfully important and knows no boundaries when it comes to a cause that could be questionable. However, everything is for the best in Laurie’s hands.

This brings the film to its expected end. This is not a wonderful film or a manipulative documentary that is trying to sell the idea of medicine legalization. But his story is interesting enough to provoke a debate about the role of alternative medicine in today’s society. At the very least, it should make you ask yourself and others what we can do to make our world a little better. Laurie does, and at the end of her life suddenly decides to stop action and accept fate. Not without the companion of substances that could easily improve your life. If you think that this is an extraordinary series of events, then you are not alone. I thought the same thing with this overall upbeat final scene where Laurie might beat her enemy.

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